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WHAT IS A Popcart™

No longer will you have to spend a fortune each time you run out of ink. Nor will you have to throw away a costly and perfectly usable print head when a single colour is empty. Simply pop the top off the genuine cartridge, remove the ink sponge and insert the Pop Cart refill. The Pop Cart refill contains twice the ink of a genuine cartridge and when it's empty, you simply replace it with another pop cart refill again and again. You save time, the environment, and most importantly money! Saving around 77% compared to replacing a genuine cartridge.


Utilising Rihac's Premium Platinum Photo Pro UV micro filtered dye ink, which is a top of the range after market ink -
Simply pop the top off your original Canon cartridge and slip in the Pop Cart refill.
Australian Innovation patent no: 2015100932.
Contains twice the ink as genuine cartridge, saving up to 77%!