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The InkLink™ ink system (CISS™) is used instead of standard inkjet cartridges. Simply explained the InkLink™ is a self contained unit with its own cartridges fed by tubing from a large ink reservoir which sits beside your printer. The system acts like a giant cartridge by feeding ink to the printer when required and can save up to 95% of your printing costs.

Our Platinum Series refill inks are made from premium grade materials and are profiled to an exacting match for each series printer to ensure accurate colour gamut.

UV filters and micro filtration ensure our inks provide stable and fluent printing, and great looking prints

In conjunction with one of Australias leading DVD/CD wholesalers we are now able to supply a range of blank media and photo papers.

We are always testing new blank media and papers and will be increasing our range shortly.

From empty cartridges, lengths of silicone tubing to compatible cartridge chips. We carry all the individual components of our inking systems should you ever need them

Our CIS systems comprise of many different replaceable components which can be replaced on a needs basis.

We also carry a range of refillable cartridges and resin encapsulated pigment inks for Epson brand large format printers

We also carry a range of refillable cartridges for a range of printers