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Bec Lee Director

Rebecca Cahir - Executive Director

Honours & Awards

2017 Winner for Product Excellence | World Brand Awards

ABA100 Winner of Product Excellence | The Australian Brand Awards

2016 ABA100 Winner for New Product Innovation | The Australian Business Awards

2013 Finalist | Telstra Business Awards VIC

2012 Winner for People's Choice | Telstra Business Awards

Finalist | Telstra Business Awards VIC

2011 Finalist for Product of the Year | The Australian Woman's Weekly

Australian ink developer Rihac is revolutionising printing!

With the creation of their innovative award winning product the Inklink, Melbourne-based company is changing the face of modern printing, eliminating the need for traditional and expensive disposable ink cartridges altogether. The Inklink provides a continuous supply of ink to the printer, and is compatible with most major brand printers. Offering significant cost savings, easy DIY installation and an endless refill capability, the system from Rihac is altering the face of printing today. The journey began for Director Rebecca Cahir after she realized how expensive traditional printing processes had become. After buying an all-in-one ink jet printer for $160 coupled with a new set of cartridges for $120.

Rebecca began printing her favorite family photos. The speed at which the ink ran out was astounding! Rebecca quickly realized there must be a more cost-effective way to print than using OEM (original equipment manufacturer) cartridges. She began researching her options, finding only overpriced and under-developed products on the market. Determined to improve upon the this, the Rihac Inklink was born.

"Printing an A4 picture using brand name cartridges can cost you up to $4 a print, whereas the Rihac Inklink costs you as little as 4c. This can equate to thousands of dollars in savings over the lifetime of the printer. In fact, this groundbreaking system can save consumers over 95% comparable with traditional printing options! Unlike disposable cartridges, the Rihac Inklink lasts for years, and is made from recycled materials. This is done as a conscious effort to reduce the amount of waste that occurs as a bi-product of printing every single day.

"In Australia, over 20 million empty cartridges go to landfill each year," says Rebecca. "Our ink systems will now prevent millions of ink jet cartridges entering landfill, making them an environmentally sustainable solution for everyone who owns an inkjet printer".

The company's growth rate of 25% per annum is attributed to the quality of their products which are distributed worldwide via their online store, eBay, retail outlet and authorised reseller network. The headquarters, research & development and warehouse now operate from their newly renovated premises in Maidstone, Victoria


rihac retail inklink ciss store
Rihac's retail outlet in Maidstone, Victoria

Rihac is committed to being recognised by customers as the very best supplier and stand behind everything with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means we will find out our customers' needs today and for the future do all that is possible to satisfy these needs at the lowest cost and continually improve the value of our product

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