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EPSON BRAND PRINTERS - Click on link to view page
R200, R210, R220, R230,
R300, R310, R350, RX630,
RX650 RX510
T0491, T0492, T0493, T0494
T0495, T0496
R270, R290, R390, RX590, RX610, RX690, Photo 1410
TX650, TX700W, TX710W,TX800FW, TX810FW, PX700W,PX710W, PX800FW, PX810FW
Artisan 700, 710, 725, 730 800, 810, 825, 835 & 837
Artisan 1430, Artisan 635
T0811 - T0816
T0821 - T0826
81, 82, 82N
81 & 82N
RX430, RX530
T0561, T0562, T0563, T0564 T0561-T0564
C67, C87, C87+
CX3700, CX4100, CX4700, CX 5700F
T0621, T0631, T0632, T0633
1270, 1290
C70, C80, C82
CX5100, CX5300
T007, T009
T0321, T0422, T0423, T0424
C63, C64, C65, C83, C84
CX3500, CX6500
T0461, T0472, T0473, T0474 T0461-T0474
C79, C90, C110
CX3900, CX4900, CX5500, CX5900, CX6900F, CX7300, CX8300, CX9300F
T10, T20, T21, T30, T40W, TX100, TX110, TX200, TX210, TX300F, TX400, TX510FN, TX550W, TX600FW, TX610FW, T1100 (A3)
NX125, NX130, NX220, NX230, NX420, NX430, NX635, Workforce 60, Workforce 320, Workforce 325, Workforce 435, Workforce 525, Workforce 545, Workforce 625, Workforce 630, Workforce 633, Workforce 645, Workforce 840, Workforce 845, Workforce 7010, Workforce 7015, Workforce 7510, Workforce 7520, Workforce 7530, Workforce 3520, Workforce 3530, Workforce 3540
T0731, T0732, T0733, T0734
73, 73N, 103
132, 133, 138 & 140 Series
132, 133, 138 & 140 Series
XP-235, X-P245, XP-432, XP-442,
XP-2100, XP-2105
XP-3100, XP3105,
XP4100, XP4105
29 & 29XL 29 & 29XL
XP-100, XP-200, XP-300, XP-310, XP-314, XP-400, XP-410, Worforce 2510, Workforce 2520, Workforce 2530, Workforce 2540 200 & 200XL 200 & 200XL
XP-600, XP-700, XP-800, XP-510, XP-610, XP-710
XP-810, XP-520, XP-620, XP-720, XP-820
273 & 273XL 273 & 273XL
Workforce WF-3620, WF-3640,
WF-3720, WF-3725, WF-3730,
WF-7610, WF-7620,
WF-7710, WF-7720, WF-7725
252, 252XL & 254XL 252, 252XL & 254XL
Workforce WF-2630, WF-2650, WF-2660, WF-2750,
WF-2760 & XP-220, XP-320, XP-324, XP-420
220 & 220XL 220 & 220XL Dye
220 & 220XL Pigment
XP-850, XP-860, XP-950, XP-960 & XP-970 277 & 277XL 277 & 277XL
WF-3720, WF-3725 & WF-3730 702 & 702XL 702 & 702XL
EcoTank Expression ET-2700, ET-2750, ET-3700
& ET-4750
502 (T502) 502 (T502)
EcoTank Expression ET-7700 & ET-7750 512 (T512) 512 (T512)
EcoTank Expression ET-1110, ET-2710, ET2720, ET-4700 522 (T522) 522 (T522)
EcoTank Expression ET-M1100, ET-M1120, ET-M1180
ET-M2170, ET-M3170 & ET-M3180
532 (T532) 532 (T532)
EcoTank Expression ET-2500, ET-2550, ET-2600,
ET-2610, ET-2650, ET-4500, ET-14000
L Series L355 & L555
664 (T664) 664 (T664)
EcoTank Expression ET-3600, ET-4550 & ET-16500 774 (T774) 774 (T774)
R800, R1800 T0540, T0541, T0542, T0543
T0544, T0547, T0548, T0549
R1900 T0870, T0871, T0872, T0873, T0874, T0877, T0878 & T0879 T0870-T0879
2100 T0341, T0342, T0343, T0344,T0345, T0346, T0347, T0348 T0341-T0348
2400 T0591, T0592, T0593, T0594, T0595, T0596, T0597, T0598,T0599 T0591-T0599
R2880 T0961, T0962, T0963, T0964, T0965, T0966, T0967, T0968 & T0969 T0961-T0969
Workforce Pro WP-4530 & WP-4540 676XL & 676XL 676XL
Workforce Pro WP-4090 & WP-4590 711 & 711XXL 711XXL
Workforce Pro WP-4630 & WP-4640 786 & 786XL 786 & 786XL
Canon BRAND PRINTERS - Click on link to view page
All unchipped cartridges
S series, I Series,IP1000, IP1500, IP3000, IP4000, IP5000, IP6000
6 Series
IP1200, IP1300, IP1600, IP1700, IP1800, IP2200, MP150, MP160, MP170, MP180, MP210, MP220, MP450, MP460, MP470, MX300 & MX310
IP2700, MP240, MP250,MP260, MP270, MP280, MP480, MP490, MP495, MX320, MX330, MX340, MX350, MX360, MX410, MX420
PG-40 & CL-41 PG-50 & CL-51 PG-510 & CL-511 PG-512 & CL-513 PG-40 & CL-41
IP2700, MP230, MP240, MP250, MP270, MP280, MP480, MP490, MP495, MX320, MX330, MX340, MX350, MX360, MX410, MX420 PG-510, CL-511, PG-512 & CL-513 510/511 Series
IP3300, IP4200, IP4300, IP4500, IP5200, IP5300, IP6600, IP6700, MP500, MP510, MP530, MP600, MP610, MP800, MP810, MP830, MP960, MP970, MX700, MX850, IX4000, IX5000, Pro 9000 & Pro 9000 Mark II PGI-5BK, CLI-8BK, CLI-8C CLI-8M, CLI-8Y, CLI-8PC CLI-8PM 8 Series
IP3600, IP4600, IP4700, MP540, MP550, MP560, MP620, MP630, MP640, MX860, MX715, MX885, MX895, MX870, MP980, MP990
IP4820, IP4850, IP4950, MG5150, MG5250, MG5350, MG6150, MG6250, MG8150, MG8250.
520PGBK, CLI-521BK/C/M/Y/GY PGI-525PGBK, CLI-526BK/C/M/Y/GY (USA) PGI-225PGBK, CLI-226BK/C/M/Y/GY 525PGBK, CLI-526BK/C/M/Y/GY 520/521 Series
525/526 Series

IP7260, MG5460, MG6360, MG7160, MX726, MX926, MG5560, IX6860, MG5560, MG6460, MG6660, IP8760, MG7560

650/651 Series

IB4060, MB2060, MB2160, MB2360, MB2760, MB5060, MB5160, MB5360, MB5460

1600, 1600XL, 2600 & 2600XL 1600/2600 Series
MG5760, MG5765, MG5766, MG6860, MG6865, MG6866, MG7760, MG7765, MG7766, TS5060, TS6060, TS8060 & TS9060 PGI-670,
670/671 Series
TR 7560, TR8560, TS706, TS6160, TS6260, TS6360, TS6365, TS8160, TS8260, TS8360, TS9160, TS9560, TS9565 PGI-680,
680/681 Series
Brother BRAND PRINTERS - Click on link to view page
All Brother printers using LC37, LC47 or LC57 Cartridges
DCP- 110C, 115C, 116C, 117C, 120C, 130C, 135C, 150C, 310CN, 315CN, 330C, 340CW, 350C, 540CN, 560CN
MFC-210C, 215C, 235C, 240C, 260C, 410CN, 425CN, 440CN, 465CN, 620CN, 640CN, 640CW, 665CW, 685CW, 885CW, 3240C, 3360C, 5440CN, 5460CN, 5860CN
LC37, LC47, LC57 LC-37, LC-47 & LC-57 inks
All Brother printers using LC-38 & LC-67 Cartridges
DCP-145C, 165C, 185C, 195C, 375CW, 385C, 395CN, 585CW
MFC-250C, 255C, 257CW, 290C, 295CN, 490CW, 790CW, 795CW, 990CW, 5490CN, 5890CN, 6490CW, 6690CW, 6890CDW
DCP-J125, DCP-J140W, DCP-J315w, DCP-J515w, DCP-J715w
MFC-J220, MFC-J265w, MFC-J415w , MFC-J615w
LC38, LC67 & LC39 LC38, LC67 & LC39 inks
All Brother printers using LC-40, LC73 & LC-77 Cartridges
DCP-J525W, J725DW, J925DW
MFC-J430W, J432W, J625DW, J825DW, J5910DW, J6510DW, J6710DW, J6910DW
LC40, LC73 & LC77 LC40, LC 73 & LC77 inks
DCP-J152W, J172, J552DW, J4110DW, J562DW, J752DW, J4120DW
MFC-J470DW, J475DW, J650DW, J870DW, J4410DW, J4510DW, J4710DW, J6520DW, J6720DW & J6920DW, J4620DW, J5320DW, J5720DW, J480DW, J680DW & J880DW
LC131/133/135/137 LC233/LC235/LC237 LC223/LC225/LC227 LC203/LC205/LC207
LC133 & LC233
DCP-J772DW, MFC-J491DW & MFC-J890DW, LC3311 LC3313
LC3311 & LC3313
MFC-J5330DW, MFC-J5730DW, MFC-J6530DW, MFC-J6730DW & MFC-J6930DWDW, LC3317 LC3319
LC3317 & LC3319
HP BRAND PRINTERS - Click on link to view page
K550, K5300, K5400, Officejet Pro series L7380, L7580, L7590, K8600 HP 18 & HP88 cartridge series
C9391A, C9396A, C9392A, C9393A
Officejet Pro 8000 & 8500 HP 940 HP 940
B109 (a,c,d,f,n & g), B110a, B209 (a,b & c), B210a, B211a, C309 (a,c,g & n), C310, C410, C510, B8550, B8553, B8558, C5380, C6340, C6350, C6380, C6375, C6383, D5400, D5460, D5463, D5468, D7560, 5520, 6510,6520, 7510 & 7520
Deskjet 3520
Officejet 6000, 6500, 7000 (A3) & 7500A (wide format), E709, E709a
HP 178, 364, 564, 860 & 920. HP 564
D5360, D4260, C4280, C5280
HP 74 & 75 HP74 / 75
Business Inkjet 1000, 1100, 1200, 2200, 2230, 2250, 2280, 2300, 2600, 2800, CP1700, Officejet 9100, 9110, 9120, 9130, Pro K850 HP10, 11, & 13 Cartridge Series, C4844AA, C4836AA, C4837AA, C4838AA, C4814A, C4815A, C4816A, C4817A HP1000
C3110, C3310, C3180, C4180, C5180, C6270, C6180, C6280, C7180, C7280, D6160, D7160, C7180, D7360, 8230, C8180
HP 02 Cartridge Series
C8721WA, C8771WA, C8772WA, C8773WA, C8774WA, C8775WA
HP 02
Officejet Pro 8100 8600, 8600 Plus, 8600 Premium, 8610, 8620, 8630, N811a, N811d, N911a, N911g, N911n & 276dw HP 950 & HP 951 HP 950 / 951
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