Printer Compatibility List

Below is a list of printer models we can provide Continuous Ink Supply Systems and Refill inks for. Click on the 'suitable for printer model' number to be taken to the compatible product. If you alreday have a system and need to replace your inks see our CISS refill inks compatibility list. For Spare Parts and cleaning fluids view our CISS Spare Parts

This list is Australia-Pacific models only.

For international models please check our 'ink & toner finder' or search bar on our home page

Epson Compatible Printers - Click on link to view page
rihac Item Suitable for Printer Models
C79 C79, C90
T30 T30, C110
CX3700 CX3700
CX4700 CX4700, CX4100
CX5700F CX5700F
R250 R250RX530 
R230 R210R230R310RX510RX630
R350 R350
RX430 RX430
RX650 RX650
CX5500 CX3900CX5500NX220 
(Pigment or dye ink options)
CX7300 CX4900CX5900CX6900FCX7300CX8300CX9300F 
(Pigment or dye ink options)
Photo 1410 Photo 1410 (Pigment or dye ink options)
T10 T10T20T21TX100**, TX110**, TX210TX300F 
(Pigment or dye ink options) (** requires physical printer alterations)
T1100 T1100 (A3), TX510FN 
(Pigment or dye ink options)
T50 R290R390RX590RX610, TX650RX690T50
(Pigment or dye ink options)
T40W T40WTX550W, TX600FWTX610FW 
(Pigment or dye ink options)
TX200 TX200TX400TX410 (Pigment or dye ink options)
TX700/Artisan 730 TX700WTX710WTX800FWTX810FWArtisan 725Artisan 835, Artisan 730, Artisan 837
(Pigment or dye ink options)
Artisan 1430 Artisan 1430 (Pigment or dye ink options)
Artisan 635 Artisan 635 (Pigment or dye ink options)
R1800 R1800R800 (Pigment or dye ink options)
R1900 R1900 (Pigment or dye ink options)
R2100 R2100
R2400 R2400
R2880 R2880 (Pigment or dye ink options)
NX125 NX125NX130 (Pigment or dye ink options)
NX420 NX420NX230 (Pigment or dye ink options)
NX430 NX430 (Pigment or dye ink options)
Workforce 435 Workforce 435 (Pigment or dye ink options)
Workforce 630

NX635Workforce 60Workforce 545Workforce 625
Workforce 630
Workforce 633Workforce 645Workforce 840
Workforce 845
Workforce 7010, Workforce 7510, Workforce 7520,
Workforce 3520
Workforce 3530Workforce 3540
(Pigment or dye ink options)

Workforce 320 Workforce 320Workforce 325 (Pigment or dye ink options)
Workforce 525 Workforce 525 (Pigment or dye ink options)
Workforce 3620 Workforce 3620, Workforce 3640 (Pigment or dye ink options)
Workforce 7610 Workforce 7610, Workforce 7620 , Workforce 7710, Workforce 7720, Workforce 7725
(Pigment or dye ink options)
Workforce Pro 676XL WP-4540WP-4530 Refillable Cartridges
Workforce Pro 711XXL WP-4090WP-4590 Refillable Cartridges
Workforce Pro 786XL WP-4630WP-4640 Refillable Cartridges
Workforce Pro 788XL WP-5910WP-5690 Refillable Cartridges NEW
XP-200 XP-100XP-200XP-300, XP-310XP-314, XP-400XP-410
WF-2520WF-2530WF-2540 (Pigment or dye ink options)
XP-700 XP-510XP-610XP-620, XP-710, XP-720, XP-810, XP-820, XP-520 XP-600XP-700XP-800
XP-850 XP-850, XP-860, XP-950, XP-960
Work Force 2630 Workforce 2630, XP-220, XP-320, XP-324, XP-420
Work Force 2660 Workforce 2660, Workforce 2650, Workforce 2750, Workforce 2760  
(Pigment or dye ink options)
SureColour P600 SC-P600
XP-235 / 29XL XP-235, XP-245, XP-432, XP-442
XP-235, XP-245, XP-432, XP-442 (Single Use Cartridges)
288XL XP-240, XP-340, XP-344, XP-440 (Single Use Cartridges)
302XL XP-6000, XP-6100 (Single Use Cartridges)
312XL XP-8500, XP-15000-KCMY only (Single Use Cartridges)
410XL XP-530, XP-540, XP-630, XP-640, XP-900 (Single Use Cartridges)
702XL WF-3720, WF-3725 (Single Use Cartridges)
802XL WF-4720, WF-4740, WF-4745 (Single Use Cartridges)
Canon Compatible Printers - Click on link to view page
rihac Item Suitable for Printer Models
IP3000 IP3000i560550i850i
IP4000 IP4000IP5000860ii865MP750MP760MP780*
IP6000 IP6000Di900di905d
IP4200 IP4200IP5200MP500MP530MP800MP830 
(Chipped or Unchipped Option)
IP4300 IP4300IP4500IP5300MP600, MP610MP810MX850 
(Chipped or Unchipped Option)
IP3600 IP3600 (Chipped or Unchipped Option)
IP4600 IP4600IP4700MP630MP640 
(Chipped or Unchipped Option)
IP4850 IP4850IP4950 & MX715 
(Chipped or Unchipped Option)
MP620 MP620MP540MP550MP560MX860MX870 
(Chipped or Unchipped Option)
MG5150 MG5150 (Chipped or Unchipped Option)
MG5250 MG5250MG5350MX885MX895 
(Chipped or Unchipped Option)
MG6150 MG6150MG6250MG8150MG8250 
(Chipped or Unchipped Option)
MP960 MP960MP970 (Chipped or Unchipped Option)
MP980 MP980MP990 (Chipped or Unchipped Option)
IX4000 IX4000IX5000MP510IP3300IP3500MX700 (Chipped or Unchipped option)
IP6700 IP6600IP6700
DIY 40/41 Cartridges IP1200IP1300IP1600IP1700IP1800IP2200MP150MP160MP170, MP180MP210,
Pop Carts:
PG-510/ CL-511
PG-512 /CL-513
IP2700MP230MP240MP250MP270MP280MP480MP490MP495, MX320MX330MX340, MX350MX360MX410MX420 (Pop Carts Only)
DIY 510/511 & 512/513 Cartridges IP2700MP230MP240MP250MP270MP280MP480MP490MP495, MX320MX330MX340, MX350MX360MX410MX420
IX6550 IX6550 (Chipped or Unchipped Option)
MG6360 MG6360,  (Chipped Option Only)
IP7260 IP7260 (Chipped Option Only)
MX726 MX726 MX926 (Chipped Option Only)
IX6860 IX6860 (Chipped Option Only)
Maxify MB2060 CISS: MB2060, MB2360, MB2160, MB2760 (Chipped Option Only)
Refillable Cartridges: MB2060, MB2160, MB2360 & MB2760
Single Use Cartridges: MB2060, MB2160, MB2360 & MB2760
Maxify MB5060 CISS: IB4060, MB5060, MB5160, MB5360, MB5460 (Chipped Option Only)
Refillable Cartridges: IB4060, MB5060, MB5160, MB5360, MB5460
Single Use Cartridges: IB4060, MB5060, MB5160, MB5360, MB5460
IX7000 IX7000 Currently in development
Pro 9000 Pro 9000Pro 9000 Mark II (Chipped Option Only)
MG5560 MG5460, MG5560, MG5660, MG6460, MG6660 (Refillable Carts Only)
IP8760 IP8760, MG7560,MG7160 (Refillable Carts Only)
TS5060 TS5060 & TS6060 (Chipped Option Only)
TS8060 TS8060 & TS9060 (Chipped Option Only)
(5 Cartridges)
MG5760, MG5765, MG5766, MG6860, MG6865, MG6866, TS5060, TS6060 (Refillable Carts Only)
(6 Cartridges)
MG7760, MG7765, MG7766, TS8060, TS9060 (Refillable Carts Only)
Pop Carts:
PG-640 & CL-641
MG2160MG2260MG3160MG3260MG3660MG4160MG4260MG3560MX376MX436MX516, MX396MX456MX526, MX536MX476, TS5160 (Pop Carts Only)
Pop Carts:
PG-645 & CL-646
MG2460MG2560MG2960, MG2965, MX496,  MG3060, MG3065, TS3160, TS3165, TS3166 TR4560 (Pop Carts Only)
TR7560, TR8560, TS6160
Currently under development
TS8160, TS9160
Currently under development
BROTHER Compatible Printers - Click on link to view page
rihac Item Suitable for Printer Models
LC47 DCP- 110C115C116C, 117C120C310CN315CN340CW
MFC- 210C215C3340CN3240CN410CN420CN425CN5540CN5840CN, 610CLN610CLWN615CL, 620CN, 620CLN, 640CN640CW820CN, 820CW, 830CLN830CLWN840CLN
Suits all Brother printers using LC47 Cartridges
LC37 & LC57 DCP- 130C135C150C330C540C540CN, 560C, 560CN750CN750CW 
MFC- 235C260C3360C440CN465CN, 5860CN660CW665CW685CW, 885CW 
Suits all Brother printers using LC37 or LC57 Cartridges
LC38 & LC67 DCP- 145C165C185C195C375C385C395C585CW6690CW
DCP-J 715W
MFC- 250C255CW257CW290C295CN490CW790CW795CW990CW,
5490CW, 5890CN6490CW6890CDW
MFC-J 615W
Suits all Brother printers using LC38 or LC67 Cartridges
LC39 DCP-J 125315W515W
MFC-J 220265W410415W
Suits all Brother printers using LC39 Cartridges
LC40, LC73 & LC77 DCP-J 525W725DW925DW
MFC-J 430W, 432W625DW825DW5910DW, 6510DW6710DW6910DW
Suits all Brother printers using LC40, LC73 & LC77 Cartridges
LC131, LC133 & LC137 DCP-J 152W172W4110DW552DW752DW
MFC-J J245, 470DW475DW650DW870DW 
4510DW4710DW, 6520DW, 6720DW, 6920DW
Suits all Brother printers using the LC131/133/135/137 Cartridges
LC233, 235 & 237
LC203, 205 & 207
LC223, 225 & 227
DCP-J4120DW, DCP-J562DW, MFC-J4420DW,
MFC-J4620DW, MFC-J5320DW, MFC-J5620DW, MFC-J5720DW,
Suits all Brother printers using the LC231/233 Cartridges
LC3313 DCP-J772DW, MFC-J491DW, MFC-J890DW (Sinlge use cartridges)
MFC-J5330DW, MFC-J5730DW, MFC-J6530DW, MFC-J6730DW, MFC-J6930DW (Sinlge use cartridges) Inklink CISS Currently in development
HP Compatible Printers - Click on link to view page
rihac Item Suitable for Printer Models
HP 10 & 11 Business Inkjet 1000110012002200223022502280230026002800, CP1700,
Officejet 9100911091209130Pro K850
HP 18 & 88 Officejet Pro K550K5300K5400L7380L7580L7590K8600
HP 74 & 75 Photosmart C5280D5360 
HP 02 Photosmart 823082508253311032103310
C5180C6150C6180C6280, C7180C7280C8180,
D7145, D7160D7163D7260D7345D7360D7460
HP 564 5 Cartridge Photosmart B8550B8553B8558C5380C6340C6350C6375C6380, C6383
D5400D5460, D5463D5468, D5545, D7560,
C309 (a, c, g & n), C310, C410C51075107520
HP 564 4 Cartridge

Photosmart B109 (a, c, d, f, n & g), B110aB111B209 (a, b & c), B210a, B211aB611a65106520,
Deskjet 3070A, 3520
Officejet 4620, Photosmart 5520 Currently in development

HP 920 4 Cartridge Officejet 6000 (E609a)6500 (E709)7000 (E809a)7500a (E910)
HP 940 Officejet Pro 80008500 Suits printers using 4 x #940 Cartridges
HP 950 Officejet Pro 8100 86008600 Plus8600 Premium8610, 8620, 8630, N811aN811dN911a, N911gN911n 276dw
Officejet Pro 251dw Currently in development
HP 933 Officejet 6100, 6600, 6700, 7110, 7610 (Wide Format), H611a, H711a, H711g, H711n, H812a, H912a 
Currently in development
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