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Refillable Cartridge with Chip for Canon MB5060

Key Features:
  • Prefilled with 605ml of ink - 200ml of black ink & 135ml of cyan, magenta & yellow ink
  • Inks colour profiled specifically to match OEMs
  • Pre-Chipped
  • Silicone tubing & ABS plastic ink reservoirs¬† (UV block)
  • Isobaric equilibrium structure (Constant pressure)


Save 91% on your printing costs! Equivalent to approximately 7.38 black carts and 46.9 colour cartridges which would cost you approximately $1708.44*


This product is not sanctioned or manufactured by Canon and users must be aware that the use of third party inks and CISS systems can void your printer warranty. PLEASE NOTE THESE ARE NOT CANON PRODUCTS AND NOT CANON BRANDED INK. THE TRADE NAMES REMAIN THE PROPERTY OF THE INDIVIDUAL COMPANIES AND "HP" IS USED S SOLELY AS A MEANS OF CLARIFICATION.

How much will I save by using a CISS?

Equivalent to approximately 7.38 black carts and 46.9 colour cartridges which would cost you approximately $1708.44*

Your savings depends on how much you print. The more you print the more you will be saving!

Consider it this way, the canon standard cartridges have approximately 29.1mls of usable ink inside the black carts
(retail price $40.99) and 9.6mls of ink in the colour carts (retail price $29.99).

Our CISS is prefilled with 665ml of Rihac ink and is equivalent to
approximately 54 Canon cartridges which would cost you about $1708.44
to purchase separately.

Save over 91% every time you refill!

The equivalent amount of replacement inks (665ml) would cost you $149.62.
Therefore when refilling your CISS you will save $1558.82 every time you refill

(prices correct as of Oct 2015 via Office works online*)



Rihac Maxify Installation Video:

Video 1: How to disable automatic firmware updates on Canon Maxify Printers - MB2060, MB2360, MB5060, MB5360

Video 2: How to Remove Maxify OEM Cartridges before they read empty

Video 3: How to Fill & Install your Rihac Refillable Cartridges for Canon Maxify Printers

Video 4: Canon Maxify Installation for Rihac Inklink CISS MB2060 MB2360 MB5060 MB5360 & IB4060

You will need to either skip video 3 or 4 depending on your purchase.


Rihac Telstra Finalist, Womens Weekly Product of the Year, Camera Pro, Photo Pro

Our support team is on hand to help with any queries you may have. If you have any queries do not hesitate to contact sales and technical support on (03) 9005 5555 or 1300 INKOUT



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