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Refillable Cartridge with Chip for Canon PGI-670

Key Features:
  • 1 x Pigment Black (PGBK) Refillable Cartridge for Canon Printers using PGI-670
  • 1 x Pigment Black 100ml Rihac Platinum Photo Pro Refill Ink
  • Pre-chipped with 'remove to reset' chips (simply take it out and put it back in once the ink level reaches zero to reset ink level)
  • Compatible with PGI-670 & CLI-671 OEM cartridges
  • Safe & quick refilling process
  • Simple and easy to install
  • Can work in conjunction with OEM cartridges

Whats Included:
1 x 100ml Rihac Platinum Photo Pro Pigment Black Refill Ink
1 x Pigment Black (PGBK) Refillable Cartridges for Canon PGI-670
1 x Rihac Patented Silicone Seals

1 x Syringes and Filling Needles
Full and Comprehensive Instructions Provided

Suitable for Canon Printers:
MG5760, MG5765, MG5766, MG6860, MG6865
MG6866, MG7760, MG7765, MG7766,
TS5060, TS6060, TS8060 & TS9060


Important Information

The Inklink CISS is always the preferred alternative to refillable cartridges however printer manufacturers have taken significant steps to prevent the use of the inklink CISS in a number of the latest model printers.

The amount of physical space inside the printer does not allow for the free movement of the ink feed lines without physically modifying the printer. To support these printers we have released refillable cartridges. These cartridges can be safely reused around 10 times before needing to be replaced due to the wet to dry sponge. 

Once the cartridge is empty simply remove from the printer, replace the cartridge cover and refill using the syringe provided
New Patented Print Head Seal Technology

(Australian Innovative Patent
#2013101393 refers)

Canon have recently changed the methodology of the seals they use between the cartridge and print head.

The rihac R&D Team have
developed an exclusive patented head seal system to use in conjunction with refillable cartridges for a greater seal.

Technically speaking, the greater density and plasticity coupled with reduced barrelling ensures greater uniaxial compression.

In simple terms this means using them makes your cartridges reliable with no issues caused by air and ink leakage.

Fitting the seals literally takes a few seconds and does not affect the normal operations of the printer


This product is not sanctioned or manufactured by Canon and users must be aware that the use of third party inks and CISS systems can void your printer warranty. Please note these are not canon products and not canon branded ink. The trade names remain the property of the individual companies and is solely as a means of clarification
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