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Rihac Platinum Series Neon Fluro Dye Sublimation Ink

Suits All Epson & Brother Brand Inkjet Printers

Neon Fluro Magenta 100ml

Key Features:

  • Generic Profile to suit all Epson/Brother printers
  • Premium High Grade Sublimation Ink
  • Fast Dry - High Speed Printing Performance
  • Foil sealed for prolonged shelf life
  • Rich Colour with High Ink Fluidity
  • Particle Size of Dispersive under 100nm (0.1um)

Sublimation Ink is a specialised product used for printing images onto garments or sublimation treated products (i.e. mugs).
Once an image is printed onto 'sublimation paper' the image is transferred using a heat press. The application of heat and pressure causes the dyes in the image to convert to a gas. The heat applied to the object being printed causes the 'pores' of the object to open. Rapid removal of the heat causes these 'pores' to close and the gas (now trapped in the 'pores') converts back to a solid, leaving the coloured image.

These sublimation inks are suitable for use in any Epson Inkjet or Brother inkjet printer as they use an electronic print head system (Piezo). They are not suitable for use in HP or Canon printers, which use a thermal style head that can cause the ink to sublimate within the head.

The printed output will appear dull compared to printing using 'normal' printing inks, this is normal with sublimation prints. It goes without saying but sublimation inks are not suitable or used for 'everyday' printing and typically the printer is used solely for use with sublimation inks.

With Rihac's new Neon Fluroescent sublimation ink range the more Yellow and Magenta used in your design, the more flourescent colour the result will be. Only the magenta and yellow inks are neon fluroescent and you can use these inks in conjunction with your existing black and cyan sublimation inks. Optimum results will be obviously achieved using all 4 of rihac's matched sublimation inks (Black, Cyan, Neon Yellow and Neon Magenta) however it is not essential.


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